Album Review: Poisonblack - Lyijy

Album Review: Poisonblack - Lyijy

Poisonblack’s journey so far has been an intriguing one. Their debut, Escapexstacy, cast a spell with its gothic metal majesty, and now, with Lyijy, frontman Ville Laihiala takes the vocal reins and steers the band towards a bluesy hard rock realm. Lyijy’s strength lies in its infectious energy. While it may not stray too far from hard rock territory, it excels in delivering it with punch and soul.

The opening single, Home is where the sty is, tackles the theme of homophobia with raw aggression, followed by the introspective ballad Maybe life is not for everyone offering a change of pace with its melancholic beauty. Death by the blues then crashes in once more with heavy riffs, reminding us of Poisonblack’s bite. Finally, the album closes with Elämän Kevät, a nod to their gothic metal roots.


Lyijy may not rewrite the hard rock rulebook, but it’s a damn good listen. The groove is undeniable and the vocals are powerful as Laihiala continues to define and redefine for Poisonblack’s identity.

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