Audio Plugin Review: Archetype: Mateus Asato

Audio Plugin Review: Archetype: Mateus Asato

The new Archetype: Mateus Asato signature plugin from Neural DSP delivers incredible clean and mid-gain tones, and a comprehensive set of features for any guitarist looking to expand their sonic palette.


  • Unique clean and lead tones compared to other Neural DSP plugins.
  • Versatile amp and cab settings with mix-and-match capabilities and mic positioning.
  • Novel features such as echo with tape saturation and doubler for wide guitar sound.
  • High-quality presets created by Matias Asato and Neural DSP team.


  • Fewer effects and experimental features compared to some other Neural DSP plugins.


The Neural DSP Mateus Asato plugin offers a distinct collection of high-quality amp and effect sounds, perfect modern clean, mid-gain, and lead tones. If you’re a fan of Matias Asato’s playing style or enjoy classic studio reverbs and tape-inspired echo, this plugin is worth checking out.

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