Gear Review: Headrush MX5 Guitar Effects/Modeler

Gear Review: Headrush MX5 Guitar Effects/Modeler

The HeadRush MX5 is a surprisingly powerful guitar processor and modeler in a compact package. It boasts quad-core processing, 46 amp models, 15 cabs, 300 IRs, 63 effects, and a sophisticated looper.


  • The MX5 is remarkably small and lightweight.
  • Editing effects and creating presets is straightforward thanks to the responsive touchscreen interface.
  • Simple IR and patch loading is also possible via a USB drag and drop interface.
  • The MX5 offers a diverse collection of realistic amp models, effects, and IRs, allowing you to explore various musical styles.
  • The built-in looper is awesome, offering endless creative possibilities.
  • The MX5 also includes an expression pedal, MIDI connectivity, and auxiliary input.


  • Clean lows lacks clarity.
  • There are many reports of the first generation of units suffering from a so called rainbow of death. This is where the unit becomes bricked and raises concerns with both the reliability of the unit and the software. This seems to have been resolved.


The HeadRush MX5 shines for its portability, ease of use, and solid effects. It’s a viable option for players seeking a versatile and affordable solution modeling and effects solution.

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