Gear Review: Universal Audio - Lion '68 Super Lead Amp Pedal

Gear Review: Universal Audio - Lion '68 Super Lead Amp Pedal

If you are craving the iconic crunch and soaring leads of a cranked Super Lead amp, but without the backache and volume knob anxiety, the Universal Audio Lion ‘68 Super Lead pedal might just be your Holy Grail. Crafted by the tone-hunting alchemists at Universal Audio, the Lion ‘68 isn’t just another modeling pedal. It meticulously captures essence of three legendary Marshall amps - the Super Bass, the Super Lead, and the face-melting Black Flag - bottled into a compact, road-ready stompbox.

James Santiago and his team have used cutting-edge modeling technology to faithfully replicated the mic’d-up roar of a cranked tube amp. This isn’t some sterile, digital emulation; it’s the full-bodied, ambient and nuanced tone you’d expect from a well-worn Marshall pushed to the edge. Clean chords shimmer with that classic chime, while overdriven riffs explode with snarling sustain.

Of course, one of the main draws of a pedal is its portability. Gone are the days of lugging around a hefty amp stack just to get your rock fix. The Lion ‘68 lets you practice silently with headphones, record studio-quality demos without waking the neighbors, and even hit the stage with confidence. Plus, unlike some menu-driven modeling pedals, the Lion ‘68’s intuitive knobs and dials let you sculpt your tone on the fly, keeping you immersed in the creative flow. To further customize the sound, the UAFX app is a handy addition, allowing you both archive your own presets or download tones made famous by decades of legendary artists including Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and more.


  • The Lion ‘68 delivers the true grit and growl of a vintage Plexi
  • Sculpting your perfect tone is a breeze with the Lion’s physical knobs and dials. No menu diving, just instant gratification thanks to its user-friendly interface. Plus, the app unlocks an extra layer of sonic exploration for tone tweakers.


  • It’s a high-quality investment for serious tonehounds who prioritize uncompromising sound and versatility. Budget-conscious players might need to weigh their options.
  • While occasional app glitches were experienced during the review, it’s worth noting that updates and bug fixes are likely already addressing these issues.


The Universal Audio Lion ‘68 Super Lead pedal is an impressive piece of gear that can deliver classic British crunch rock tones with ease. The overall sound quality and versatility of the pedal make it worth adding to your pedalboard.

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