Audio Plugin Review: Aurora DSP: Rhino

Audio Plugin Review: Aurora DSP: Rhino

Aurora DSP’s Rhino guitar plugin has been on the market for quite some time now, but its continuous updates and competitive price point make it one of the top selling DSP plugins out there. With a wide range of features catering to different musical applications, the Rhino plugin is the is the perfect counterpart to Aurora DSP’s Mammoth bass plugin.

One thing that sets the Rhino guitar plugin apart is its intuitive design. Almost everything is on one screen, making it easy to navigate without having to read manuals or watch tutorials. While it does seem like it was designed with iOS in mind, it works seamlessly on desktop as well. Unlike other plugins, Aurora DPS has not tried to mimic amp controls in the interface.

The Rhino plugin is incredibly versatile, offering four preamp options that allow for different characteristics to define your desired sound. The built-in preamps model the Rivera Knucklehead, Conford Roadhouse, Mesa Boogie Roadster, and Victory VX The Kraken Head amps respectively. As you might expect, the metal tones you can create with this plugin are tight and aggressive, and with the ability to dial in the EQ and impulse response settings, your tonal palette is extensive without having to stack other plugins. If you prefer to stick to presets, most of them are solid. For instance, the Monstrous Rhythm preset is excellent for djent-style metal. In fact, Rhino offers as many presets and tone as a flagship product like GuitarRig which retails at double the price.

One thing to note is that the default noise gate setting is quite sensitive, which may truncate softer playing. Therefore, you may need to play around with the decibel cut-off depending on the kind of music you’re playing, or just turn it off entirely.

The Rhino plugin is compatible with Windows, OSX, and iOS (via AUv3), making it one of the more flexible guitar DSP options available.


  • Compared to other high-quality amp sims, Rhino offers excellent value for money.
  • Sounds different from traditional amp sims, delivering modern, clear, and aggressive tones.
  • User-friendly interface with everything on one screen for easy and customizable navigation + supports light and dark mode!
  • Offers versatile tone sculpting via four preamps, simple to use EQ and IR sections, and various high-quality effects (tube screamer, chorus, delay, etc.) allow for creating a wide range of sounds.
  • Works as a plugin in your DAW or as standalone software on iOS, OSX, and Windows for extra flexibility.


  • Minor latency noticed with M-audio AIR interface, compared to the performance of Neural DSP plugins. Consider testing compatibility with your specific setup.
  • Requires careful gain staging to avoid clipping and unwanted noise.
  • Lack of a pitch shifter pedal in the included effects might be a limitation for some users who enjoy playing with those sounds.


If you’re looking to take your guitar production to the next level, the Aurora DSP Rhino plugin should definitely be in your arsenal.

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