Gear Review: NUX MG-30 Guitar & Bass Effects/Modeler

Gear Review: NUX MG-30 Guitar & Bass Effects/Modeler

The NUX MG-30 is a versatile multi-effects pedal that provides a variety of high-quality tones in a compact and rugged package. It is easy to use, has comprehensive presets, high-quality amp and cabinet simulations with IR loading capabilities and an expression pedal all for under $300 USD.


  • Sturdy aluminium chassis and good build quality.
  • More powerful dual DSP compared to MG-300, resulting in improved clarity and definition.
  • Expandable with dual foot switch for additional control options.
  • High-quality amp and speaker simulations, IR loading capability, and diverse effects collection.
  • Built-in looper, drum machine, and tuner.
  • Intuitive Quick Tone software for easy parameter editing.
  • Affordable.


  • Master volume tends to distort at high levels.
  • Preset patches might need adjustments for single-coil pickups.
  • Tap tempo not global, needs to be set per preset and is generally a little unintuitive.


The NUX MG-30 is a significant upgrade from the MG-300, offering enhanced sound quality, powerful processing, and extended control options. The MG-30’s overall value and performance make it a highly recommended option for gigging musicians and studio enthusiasts alike.

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