Gear Review: Zoom MS-50G MultiStomp Multi-effects Guitar Pedal

Gear Review: Zoom MS-50G MultiStomp Multi-effects Guitar Pedal

We recently had the opportunity to play around with the Zoom MultiStomp MS-50G . This compact pedal packs a some real punch feature wise, accommodating up to six effects simultaneously. Boasting 47 effect types and 8 amp models, with individual on/off switches for each effect during play, the MS-50G is a very cool offering from the Japanese maestros of guitar effects. The 50 onboard presets make quick tone changes a breeze, and the tuner handles both standard and drop tunings.

The quirky ambient effects are really where the pedal shines, and the ability to load effects from other Zoom pedals adds another layer of flexibility. Some of the distortion effects are very fun too, in particular the Pro-Rat Copy distortion. However, it’s not all rosey, the effects can be pretty hard to dial in at first and some the amp models sound a little outdated. The Fender Amp sim seems pretty legitimate to us though.


  • Versatility: The MS-50G offers a wide range of effects, with the ability to stack up to six simultaneously.
  • Compact Design: The pedal’s compact size is a significant advantage for those with limited pedalboard space or in need of a portable solution.
  • Amp Models: With 8 amp models, the MS-50G provides diversity in tones, covering clean to high-gain sounds.
  • Affordability: Particularly when purchased used, the MS-50G is a no brainer.
  • Presets: The inclusion of 50 onboard presets allows for quick and easy tone changes during performances.
  • Additional Features: Useful features like a chromatic tuner, tap tempo, USB port for updates, and chain order customization contribute to the pedal’s overall functionality.
  • Effects Loop: The effects loop provides flexibility in placing effects before or after the amp simulation, enhancing creative possibilities.
  • Fun Delay and Reverb: While the sound quality of other effect types may be subjective, the MS-50G really shines when it comes to delay and reverb effects.


  • Amp Models: The amp models are outdated.
  • Learning Curve: The complexity of the pedal, especially when navigating through various effects and settings, can be pretty frustrating at first.


While there are several options at this price point, such as anything from the Behringer offerings, including the FX600 Digital Multi-Effects Pedal , or even Zoom’s own G1X FOUR Guitar Multi-Effects Processor which features an Expression Pedal, the MS-50G is fun in a little package. At such an affordable price point for a capable multifx pedal that can run on batteries and has a tuner, the Zoom MS-50G is really in a llegue of it’s own.

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