Gear Review: Caroline Guitar Company - Hawaiian Pizza

Gear Review: Caroline Guitar Company - Hawaiian Pizza

Hold onto your pineapple chunks, because the Caroline Guitar Company’s Hawaiian Pizza fuzz pedal will take your tone on a wild ride. The circuit is the brainchild of John Snyder, scientist and founder of Electronic Audio Experiments, and offers far more than your average fuzz box.

Don’t be fooled by the minimalist, three-knob interface. The Pig, Pineapple, and Pizza knobs might seem playful, but they unlock a wide range of fuzz and overdrive possibilities. From smooth, warm tones to sputtering, gated chaos and even Marshall-esque crunch, the Hawaiian Pizza delivers a flavor profile as diverse as its namesake dish.

Unlike some fuzz pedals that tend to flatten your sound, the Hawaiian Pizza actually accentuates your stylistic individuality. Boasting high-quality components and true bypass switching that ensure that your tone stays pristine, its dynamic response lets your picking nuances shine through, even at high gain settings. This makes it ideal for players who like a fuzz that responds organically to their touch, adding texture and expression to their playing. The built-in transformer also acts as a pickup booster, allowing you to position the pedal anywhere in your chain without signal degradation.

While it may not be the perfect fit for those seeking a traditional fuzz face style pedal, it offers unique textures and tones that allow you to conjure sputtery vintage amp vibes or simply crank up the gain for a searing, aggressive punch.


  • Dynamic and responsive fuzz tones
  • Wide range of sounds, from warm overdrive to gated fuzz
  • Simple controls
  • Dual transistor design with built-in transformer eliminates buffer issues


  • Might not be traditional enough for some players
  • Lacks dedicated tone controls


The Caroline Hawaiian Pizza is a unique and flavorful fuzz pedal with a dynamic character and surprisingly rich tonal range. Its simple controls and “no BS” approach makes The Hawaiian Pizza a must-have fuzz option on any serious pedal board.

Ready to rock?

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